Our Story

Born out of the joint passion for consulting and helping others, HubOrgs was created as a solution for an obvious gap in the market. After years of experience in the Accounting consulting industry, HubOrgs founder, Neha Verma, CPA, realized how daunting navigating the seemingly endless options for procuring services can be. That is, Vendors had available expertise and Buyers were looking for help, but finding each other was a tedious and often demanding process. We sought out to create a platform where sourcing Vendors was no longer inefficient, and where Buyers could get trusted expertise for their specific needs. HubOrgs connects your business with the Accounting Vendors you can leverage to grow your business. 

Our vision is a network where vendors and buyers can connect on an accessible platform specifically designed for business needs.

Our Values


Selling or buying services should not be a neverending bidding war with hidden charges and clauses. Buyers know their needs and budget and Vendors know what they can do and how much they need to charge for their service so be transparent and close a fair deal!


Just like personal life, businesses are based on relying on one another to get things done. We cannot do it all alone! So if someone is willing to do business with you, be reliable, and deliver what you promised!


Everyone starts from zero clients, zero sales but what takes them from zero to success is perseverance! Be transparent, be reliable and keep going!

Founder's message

I have been working in the Accounting industry for over a decade. I started my career working with startups, small to mid sized companies and then eventually for Fortune 500 companies.

If your company is experiencing an Accounting related issue, chances are I have seen a similar issue or experienced a similar challenge with one of my clients. And if not, at least I can relate and understand your pain point and can get you to the right resource who can help!